💡Our Vision

Tempest stands to be a first mover in the individual carbon offset market.

Our Goal

To create a universal utility token which represents an environmental attribute created by a renewable energy resource based on the amount of kilowatt hours the resource generates. Environmental attributes are already well defined in the utility industry. These tokens can be used to offset an individual’s or business’ “carbon footprint”. The token’s goal is to bring the environmental attributes to the individual and small business level which represents a vast untapped market.

We believe the individual carbon offset market will be one of the largest and most profitable industries in the near future. Global government entities are consistently rolling out green energy initiatives aimed towards bringing the world to 100% renewable energy consumption. Goal number 7 of the United Nations states:

"To ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all."

Starting from the ground up with Tesla-branded solar panels on our Simonson Ridge project, our platform aims to grow into an efficient solution to reducing global carbon emissions while allowing users to hold a direct interest in our total clean energy production. Tmpst.io utilizes blockchain technology to enable individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint in one platform. With our platform, users can acquire $TMPST tokens. These tokens represent verified units of Carbon Credits & Green Tags and they simultaneously allow users to benefit from equity ownership of our Green Energy production and thus the profits associated with it.

We tokenize carbon credits so users receive them in the form of $TMPST tokens. Our $TMPST tokens and the Green Tags associated with them are further displayed in a decentralized ledger that can be tracked by users, ensuring transparency and traceability. We mint and burn $TMPST tokens depending on the amount of environmental attributes produced from the ongoing operation of our green energy production so that each $TMPST token represents a specific amount of KwH generated from renewable sources.

The Problem

Tempest recognizes a global problem that exists: How can an individual or small business effectively mitigate their contribution toward climate change? Currently only large well capitalized corporations and utilities have had the ability to add renewable energy production facilities into their energy mix to offset their energy from fossil fuel production. Tempest believes that the individual and small business market represents a vast and untapped market. In the industrialized world, governments and major corporations are bombarding the media with awareness of climate change and the impact of our collective use of fossil fuels. Many have set targets to be completely "carbon neutral" by 2035-2050. Large corporations and utilities can do their part to achieve this goal. But this represents only 10% of the emission reduction market. Each citizen of the world will have to do their part make up the additional emission reduction goal if real climate change mitigation is to be achieved. Collectively we can make an individual difference.

The Solution

Tempest provides a solution. By supporting renewable energy by utilizing the transparency of block chain technology, anyone anywhere can analyze their carbon footprint and offset the amount of energy they produce from fossil fuels. With a click of a few buttons and only a modest contribution, collectively each person or business can do their part to minimize climate change and make a difference. One Tempest Token represents real fractionalized ownership and revenue in real wind and solar energy projects. By producing energy kilowatts from renewable energy resources, that is one less kilowatt produced from a fossil fuel resource.

Our Vision

At Tempest, we are committed to do our part to mitigate the effects of climate change. By providing a platform and Token for individuals and businesses to invest in the green energy revolution, collectively millions of us can create enough energy to meet the 2050 zero emission climate change goals.Tempest is a first mover in this rapidly growing renewable energy production and offset space. We are providing an easy mechanism for individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint never before available to the public on a vast scale. Climate change is global. Every global citizen contributes to it by using energy. How we use energy is important. By educating the global citizenry on how they can facilitate the change by using renewable energy resources, we can achieve our zero emission goals.

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